BREAKING: Obama Enacts Sweeping EMERGENCY Regulations, Plans To DESTROY The White House On His Way Out! [DETAILS]

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Obama is implementing a series of regulations before President-Elect Trump assumes office in an unprecedented fashion. In the last weeks of Obama’s term he has insulted Israel at the United Nations, taken hostile action against the Russian’s by expelling their diplomats from D.C., and now he is set to enact a broad series of new regulations which are estimated to cost Americans $44 billion.

Via TheDailyCaller: The Obama administration is making sure its last months in control of regulatory agencies are used to pump out as many rules as it can. These “midnight” regulations could end up costing more than $44 billion, though many are likely to be repealed by Congress and President-elect Donald Trump.

Sam Batkins director of the American Action Forum has projected the costs of these new regulations:

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