VICTORY! ! Michelle Obama’s Lunches Are DUNZO When Trump Becomes President! [DETAILS]

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No one has been happy with Michelle Obama’s school lunch program. Kids hate it. Parents hate it. The disgusting food choices have been documented on Twitter countless times.

At the same time, Michelle Obama’s children have enjoyed gourmet food on a daily basis at the exclusive Sidwell Friends private school in Washington, DC. (the same school attended by Chelsea Clinton).

Finally, congress is preparing to undo her awful school lunch program.

The House Freedom Caucus, a conservative faction of Republicans in the House, headed by Representative Mark Meadows (R-NC), has issued a 23-page list identifying 200 rules and regulations it wants to see gutted in a Donald Trump administration, and nutrition is a key target. Among the items identified: the FDA’s update to the Nutrition Facts panel and updated nutrition standards for school meals, both priorities championed by first lady Michelle Obama.

“The regulations have proven to be burdensome and unworkable for schools to implement,” the document says of the standards that mandate more fruits and vegetables and whole grains while cutting back on salt, sugar and fat. “Schools are throwing food away that students are not eating.” On the flip side, USDA maintains that schools are in near universal compliance, and health advocates argue that kids have largely adjusted to the changes.

Here is Rep. Meadows list:

Meadows.rules and Regs by Dave Weigel on Scribd

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