JUST IN: Democrats Tried To Dispute The Electoral College Results, What Happened Next Is AMAZING!

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Congress made the election of Donald Trump official on Friday, certifying the votes of the Electoral College in a formal joint session of Congress.

Many Democratic House members attempted to object to some states Electoral College votes to protest the election results. But their objections went nowhere because they were unable to gain the support of a senator.

Despite protests, the final vote tally was:

Donald Trump: 304 electoral votes
Hillary Clinton: 227
Colin Powell: 3
Ohio Gov. John Kasich: 1
Former Rep. Ron Paul of Texas: 1
Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders: 1
Faith of Spotted Eagle: 1

Democrats objected 11 times, citing a variety of issues, including “Russian interference,” “massive voter suppression” and the “violation of the Voting Rights Act.”

Vice President Joe Biden, who sat in the chair and presided over the 41 minute-long process in the House chamber, attempted to speed through the objections.

After the third objection and the third time Biden asked if a senator had signed on, Biden said, “it is over.”


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