YES!! Donald Trump Holds The “DISHONEST MEDIA” Accountable, Then DESTROYS Them On Twitter [WATCH HERE]

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Kellyanne Conway appeared on Meet The Press Sunday morning to discuss the findings of an intelligence report which alleges that Russia was behind the documents revealed by WikiLeaks. Chuck Todd wanted to blame Trump for Russia’s actions, Liberals have long been pushing a narrative now that Trump is somehow a Russian puppet.

Still sore over losing the election, Todd pushed the tired theory that Clinton lost the election due to Russian hacking. The intelligence report fell short of establishing anything of that nature, mainly talking about the social media efforts of Russia Today, instead of showing any substantive evidence that Russia was actually behind the hacking.

Todd was visibly angry with Conway’s answers. The Liberal media wants Trump to take a combative stance with Russia, something which the American people don’t want and which Trump refuses to do.

The interview was ten minutes long, yet only one minute made it onto TV Sunday morning. President-Elect Donald Trump blasted Todd for editing the tape.

Where is the evidence that the Russians “hacked” the election? The Liberals think if they repeat it enough times, then it’s true. Where is the proof? FULL video of Conway’s appearance on Meet The Press follows:

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