Obama’s Final “F*CK YOU” To America, Sends Iran 116 Tons Of Uranium – Enough To Make TEN NUCLEAR BOMBS

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As the Obama disaster comes to an end, it seems as if Obama refuses to leave office without a few parting scandals. Most recently we discovered through an Associated Press investigation that Iran is receiving around a hundred tons of uranium.

Via Mediaite: The still-secret arrangement was made by the United States, Russia, China, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany to compensate Iran for 70 tons of heavy water exported to the U.S. shortly after the Iran deal was finalized. There was also a small amount of uranium gifted to Iran then.

The natural uranium is being given to Iran for power production, however is also capable of being utilized for the use of nuclear weapons.

Experts speaking to the Associated Press revealed that the uranium given to them would be sufficient to create ten atomic bombs.

Via AssociatedPress: White House spokesman Josh Earnest said such arrangements are “subject to the careful monitoring and inspections that are included in the deal to ensure that Iran is living up to the commitments that they made.”

There you have it, nothing to see here – the deal is subject to careful monitoring. With Trump and the Republicans coming into power after having actively expressed their discontentment with the Iran deal, should that deal be invalidated at an outgoing date, what happens to the uranium if the Iranians have already received it?

Comment below, what do you think should happen to the “Iran deal”?

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