Rosie O’Donnell Full-On THREATENING Trump On Twitter, THIS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!

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Rosie O’Donnell has made it clear she is not a fan of President-Elect Trump. She claimed she would leave America if Trump won – a promise not honored. Since Trump has been elected Rosie has resorted to personal attacks on Trump and his family. She retweeted a video claiming Trump’s son Baron has autism.

Her relationship with reality has been progressively deteriorating, evidenced by the fact she recently called for martial law to prevent Trump from taking office.

Via TownHall: What charges O’Donnell is referring to are unknown, but the tweet she quoted cited the Russian meddling with the election. Trump is not currently facing criminal charges.

Just gonna go out on a limb here–martial law is not something anybody should be pining for.

What is it exactly that Rosie and her ilk want? Do they want the military to suspend democracy, put tanks in the street, round up Trump voters? It’s difficult to conceive of the reality that these people desire. In response to her tweet normal rational people responded questioning Rosie’s strange ideas:

Should Rosie honor her promise to leave the country? Comment below.

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