BOOM!! Denzel Washington UNLOADS On Hollywood Liberals…They Did NOT See This Coming!

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Hollywood and the Liberal media have taken it upon themselves to constantly criticize the way that normal Americans think and live. They feel obligated every time they speak at a large event to remind the rest of us how misguided we are.

They provide advice for the rest of us, while their lives are nothing like ours. It’s a surprise when anyone who works in Hollywood has anything valuable to say.

Denzel Washington has proven himself to be a breath of fresh air, recently insulting the mainstream media for their constant insistence on being “first” while disregarding being correct.

Steven Crowder of the show Louder with Crowder had this to say about Denzel:

The words “real talk” get thrown around a lot on the interwebs. While I don’t have the math in front of me, I’m willing to bet at least half the time we’re probably talking about something Denzel Washington said. Somewhere there’s an irrefutable equation which will no doubt verify my claim, but I needn’t find it. Because you already know.

The Hollywood Reporter had a round table filled with Hollywood A-Listers, here’s what Denzel had to say.

People say “the difficulty of making a movie.” Well, send your son to Iraq. That’s difficult. It’s just a movie, relax. I don’t play that precious nonsense. Your son got shot in the face? That’s difficult. Making a movie is a luxury. It’s a gift. But don’t get it twisted, it’s just a movie.

Video follows:

Via PatriotJournal: It takes guts to say something like that to a group of Hollywood elitists, but Denzel is not afraid to speak his mind. While surrounded by other celebrities and film makers, he calls the profession what it is.

It’s rare that someone as successful and beloved as Denzel in the media and showbiz says something so smart and thoughtful. Most celebrities love being on that pedestal; they crave the attention and worship their profession affords them.

Do you think that Denzel speaks the truth? Should celebrities share their personal politics? Comment below.

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