Michelle Malkin DESTROYS Michelle Obama, And Every Despicable LIE She Ever Said!

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First Lady Michelle Obama will leave the White House as the Democrat with the highest approval rating in the country. That approval rating certainly isn’t taking measure of Conservatives as Michelle has only represented big government thinking.

Michelle Obama bares the blame for Barack’s policies – she campaigned for him for both his first and second term.

She charmed us by letting it slip that she was “proud” of her country for the first time AFTER we had her husband in office… Some of us were proud to be an American already!

She also claimed that “the white house was built by slaves”, which wasn’t her only insult to the very building she lives on our dime. She once complained that living at the White House was like living at a “very nice prison”.

Now that Barack and Michelle are leaving the White House they will become disgustingly rich doing paid speeches for mindless Liberals. Their wealth may come to eclipse the Clinton’s massive fortune.

Via WorldPoliticsUS: Luckily, we have people like Michelle Malkin who do not hesitate to stand up to the First Lady. In the clip below, taken at the final election session, Malkin slaps Michelle Obama for her harmful views and opinions and about Obama’s statement that she has not been proud of America until she entered the White House. We should heed this as a warning about what kind of people we choose to lead our nation, lest we elect someone as crooked and corrupt as Hillary in the future.

Michelle Malkin appeared on Steven Crowder’s show to speak the truth about Michelle Obama. Video follows:

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