The Clinton’s Just Released News That Has LIBERALS IN TEARS!!

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The “Clinton Global Initiative,” Bill Clinton’s supposed “non profit” organization will be firing all of its employees effective April 15th.

The plan was to shut down CGI if Hillary was elected President. After the election created controversy around the Clinton charities, it was reported their donations were down as much as 50%. In total, 22 employees will be let go.

The following notice was filed with the New York State Department of Labor last week.

Date of Notice: 1/12/2017

Event Number: 2016-0132

Rapid Response Specialist: Stuart Goldberg

Reason Stated for Filing: Plant Layoff

The Clinton Foundation
1271 Avenue of the Americas, 42nd Floor
New York, NY  10020

County: New York | WIB Name: NEW YORK CITY | Region: New York City

Contact: Veronika Shiroka

Phone: (646) 775-9184

Business Type: Social Advocacy Organization – Clinton Global Initiative

Number Affected: 22

Total Employees: —

Layoff Date: 4/15/2017

Closing Date: —

Reason for Dislocation: Discontinutation of the Clinton Global Initative

ERNUM: 86-83268

Union: The affected workers are not represented by a Union.

Classification: Plant Layoff

The Trump campaign released the following statement on The Clinton Global Initiative last year describing it:

“The Clinton Foundation is at its heart a corrupt enterprise that masks its true mission of empowering and enriching the Clintons and their cronies by performing charitable works,” said Steven Cheung, director of rapid response for the Trump campaign. “There is no defense for the Clinton Foundation’s unethical, conflict-of-interest-laden relationship with Hillary Clinton’s State Department, where access and official acts were bestowed upon major donors.”

H/T: PowerLineBlog

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