Michael Moore DROPS BOMB About Hillary Clinton And Why She Lost, LIBERALS ARE FURIOUS!

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In an interview with Variety Magazine, Michael Moore said the reason Hillary Clinton lost the election has nothing to do with Russia.

“We need an investigation into the hacking, but the Democrats should not be thinking that they lost because of the Russians,” Moore said. “The Democrats lost because of the Democrats. It’s the second time now in 16 years where the Democrats won [the popular vote] but lost. That is so revolting that the old guard of the Democratic Party should all resign. They let us down, the majority, now twice. I’m done with it.”

“There were people like me who live in Michigan who were crying out to the Clinton campaign, “Please come to Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin.” They decided not to play by the game. It’s a bad game. The electoral college should be changed, but it wasn’t gotten rid of, so why were they ignoring these states? It’s disgraceful.”

“I’m going to help lead the charge to take over the Democratic Party.”

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