Trump Just DESTROYED Designers Who Refuse To Dress Melania, THIS IS PERFECT!

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Ainsley Earhardt of Fox News’s Fox & Friends conducted an interview with President-Elect Donald Trump set to air Wednesday morning.

Earhardt appeared on Hannity to discuss the contents of the interview.  She revealed that among the topics were the Hollywood fashion designers who have stated they refuse to dress Melania Trump.

What’s strange is that Melania had made no request of Tom Ford to design clothing for her. Ford claimed it would be inappropriate for him to dress Melania, that he only dressed Michelle Obama for a royal visit. Obviously, Ford was trying to virtue signal to the Liberals watching “The View” that he was too good of a person to work with the Trump family.  Of course, he wouldn’t dirty himself – what an idiot!

You’ll be very pleased to know that as expected Trump responded in kind.

Via GatewayPundit: On Tuesday Donald Trump dissed far left designer Tom Ford.

Ainsley Earnhardt: And then I said what about Melania’s gown? And he said that’s a great example. Tom Ford came out and said he doesn’t want to dress Melania. And he said Melania does not want him to dress. We never even asked Tom Ford. And he says, I happen to like Tom Ford sunglasses, but he said they don’t like Tom Ford’s, Tom Ford’s designs.

Video follows:

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