Pres. Obama Releases WORST PERSON POSSIBLE From Prison As Final “F*CK YOU” To American People!

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Barack Obama’s final mission to destroy the country while he’s still in power has just been made official.

Having opened up prison doors around the country and handed out freedom to people locked up for a reason, Obama seemed to intentionally saved the worst for last as a clear message to the country that he hates this nation.

Fox News reports that transgender Army traitor, Chelsea Manning, will be a free man/woman on May 17, 2017 –  despite having been given a 35-year-sentence for leaking Army documents to WikiLeaks. This is the final decision Obama made after commuting the sentences of more prisoners than any other president before him.

We’ve known that our soon-to-be former president do not care about upholding law or our military. This clemency proves  that more than ever. Manning put people’s lives at risk with the secured information he/she gave out and weakened our nation — something Obama can probably relate to.

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