Anti-Trump Protesters ATTACKED Washington, DC., City Looks Like A WAR ZONE!

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The scene for many business owners in DC today was very bleak as Black Lives Matter protesters smashed their windows, spray painted their store fronts and otherwise caused as much havoc as possible. The protestors gathered Friday morning at Logan Circle in D.C. and began their march down 13th Street. In what amounts to a giant temper tantrum the rioters in black hoods threw bricks and rocks and swung hammers to vandalize local business and even destroy a limousine chanting “no cops, no borders, fight law and order.” Anything and everything possible was done to support the effort to “oppose fascism and capitalism” even symbolically burning Trump/Pence political signs.

The messages scrawled on buildings included such terms as “F*ck Trump” and “Revolution or Death.” These acts were accompanied by chants of “Black lives matter,” and “America was never great.” The website that organized these malicious riots encouraged participants to “come prepared to defend each other and everyone else who is standing up to the Trump regime” and vowed that the “inaugural ceremonies[will be]reduced to a total clusterf*ck.”

When police arrived on the scene, throwing tear gas and making arrests, the formerly brave rioters fled the scene while members of the media and observers cowered against buildings and in order to stay out of the way. All this part of their plan to “bring a vision of a better world to Washington, D.C.”

The above footage was shot by MRC Culture and and shows just how much disregard for their fellow Americans these entitlement driven protestors displayed on a day when the very democracy and freedom they are exercising was being put into action with the inauguration of Donald J. Trump.

America was great, and hopefully will be again despite actions such as these. SHARE if you agree.

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