CNN Goes ROGUE, Says Assassinating Trump Could’ve Kept Obama In Power – FAKE NEWS!

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On what should be a day of celebration for most Americans, anticipating the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer thought it would be good news reporting to talk about what would happen if everyone at the inauguration died and the Obama administration got to stay in power just a little while longer.

The host of CNN’s Situation Room took the time in his “developing” segment to point out the line of succession, should the president-elect and his VP come to an untimely demise just before, or even at the inauguration. CNN contributor Brian Todd took the time to outline this somewhat confusing line of succession, even postulating the possibility of an explosion. Basically, it seems to come down to the fact that since the Trump cabinet members have yet to be confirmed by the Senate, the line would follow the current Obama administration officials. In this case, Secretary of State John Kerry, then after his resignation is final at noon on Inauguration Day it would fall to the Speaker of the house, Paul Ryan and after that possibly even Under Secretary for Political Affairs Tom Shannon.

According to The Washington Times, President Obama also named Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson as the “designated survivor” during the inauguration ceremony of Donald Trump. It seems they too have at least some hopes of a last-ditch effort on the part of the loyal supporters of the democratic cause.

It’s despicable that CNN would fantasize about the death of an incoming president in order to keep the Obama administration in power but fear not, democracy won, and the power transfer was successful.

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