Look At What Happened To Obama The Day After Trump’s Inauguration, JUSTICE IS SERVED!

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Now that Donald Trump is our president, it is time for Barack Obama to disappear, and let Trump get this country back on its feet again.

And it appears Obama isn’t too happy about the change!

Obama was spotted in Palm Springs, California, and looked to be in deep thought as he headed home from a workout, escorted by his smallest motorcade in years.

Obama has chosen to spend the first days of his newfound retirement playing golf and hitting the gym at Thunderbird Country Club in ritzy and exclusive Rancho Mirage. Obama was captured looking tiresome and in heavy contemplation as he was driven back to his home in a dark vehicle, flanked by his tiny new security detail on Sunday.

Obama will receive protection from the Secret Service for the rest of his life. In 2013 Obama signed a bill assuring Secret Service protection for all presidents for their entire lives. Previously, a law passed in 1977 only allowed for presidents to receive Secret Service protection for ten years after they left office.

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