Melania Trump Gets Brutally ATTACKED By Liberals, SHE NEEDS OUR SUPPORT!

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Melania Trump hasn’t even been First Lady for 48 hours, and she is already facing brutal attacks from the democrats.

Traditionally, the First Lady is the honorary president of the Girl Scouts, and has been since 1917, when First Lady Edith B. Wilson became the first honorary national president of the Girl Scouts.

Now that Melania is the First Lady, a petition has gone out claiming she is “absolutely unacceptable” for the honorary position.

The petition reads:

“This tradition should be revised immediately because there seems little about Melania Trump’s actions and behavior that reflect the values of Girl Scouting. Endorsing Melania Trump as the President of Girl Scouts will delegitimize and trivialize all that Girl Scouting has accomplished in the past 104 years and places the future of Girl Scouting in extreme jeopardy.”

The petition has over 3,200 signatures so far.

The author of the petition, Sharma Gaponoff, says that Trump is promoting the objectification of women because she posed nude for men’s magazines, and that she “promotes violence” by having posed in a bikini while wearing handcuffs. By posing nude, the argument seems to be, she is inherently an unfit role model.

The petition will ultimately be delivered to Girl Scout Interim CEO Sylvia Acevedo, who is quoted as saying the Girl Scouts leadership must “model the kind of respectful leadership we encourage in them and hope for in our leaders.”

Do you think Melania Trump is a good role model? Let us know in the comments!

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