Radical Feminists Introduce Their Own Version Of The Trump Hat… And It’s REALLY WEIRD!

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Friday’s inauguration, dotted with the iconic red “make America great again” hats were replaced on Saturday by hundreds of thousands of angry feminists doing their best to retaliate by wearing their own “Pussyhats.”  These pink, floppy eared hats are supposed to be a reference to the leaked sound clip from 2005 in which Trump made an unflattering and unforgotten comment to Access Hollywood.  The head gear is meant to echo some of the traits that experts said made the Trump hat so effective for the winning candidate.

The hats were meant to unify the women that gathered on Saturday and were proclaimed to be “brilliant” and  apparently “speaks volumes”  to the participants in the campaign.  Unfortunately for them, wearing “pussyhats” or not, Donald J. Trump is still President.

Some of the attendees took to twitter to talk about their cause and generally soak up as much attention as possible.  The original Trump “Make America Great Again” hats were accused of being “too masculine” to be a part of an inclusive campaign strategy.

Feminists that were protesting today with their “pussyhats” proclaimed their hats promoted female empowerment.

That’s by design: the “Pussyhat Project” who’s website explains:

“knitting and crochet are traditionally women’s crafts,” adding, “[knitting] circles are powerful gatherings of women.”

So far this particular gathering of women has produced a lot of controversy, but not a lot of action or change. Crooked Hillary did not win the election and feminists continue to whine because they didn’t get what they wanted.

Do you think the hats will be effective?  Let us know below.

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