SNL Writer Makes DISGUSTING Comment About Barron Trump, Then THIS Happened…

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Saturday Night Live writer Katie Rich made a flailing attempt to insult Barron Trump during the Presidental Inauguration on Friday.  Her now-deleted tweet read: “Barron Trump will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.”

An immediate reaction from outraged Americans lasted for about 3 hours before Rich reportedly deleted the tweet.  The backlash included many objections about his age and the consideration that has been given to the young children of other politicians.  It’s been an unwritten rule that taking shots at children this age was crude and unacceptable, but apparently not for Katie Rich.

Thankfully many decent people took it on themselves to put her in her place.

This is, unfortunately, not the first time that Barron Trump has been in the middle of a Twitter war. Back in November, Rosie O’Donnell put forward a question about whether or not the now first kid might be autistic, saying that it would be a good opportunity to bring awareness to the epidemic.   O’Donnell was also quickly criticized, and she insisted that she hadn’t meant it as an attack, that “having a child with autism was no shame.”

Let’s hope that public figures are more careful in the future about how they insult the first family.

Do you think this kind of speech should be censored?  Tell us below in the comments.

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