Man Wears Trump “MAGA” Hat On Streets To Watch People’s Reaction, You’ll NEVER Believe What Happens!

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Trump supporter Joey Salads did a social experiment walking around Union Square, wearing a Trump hat for 2 hours, shortly after the protest ended.  He received various responses from the people came in contact with.  Some yelled obscenities, some initiated physical contact, some ignored him, and one even went out of their way to spit directly on him.

The experiment was one of many that Salads has conducted over the last few years. There is a stark contrast between how liberals react and behave towards someone who they don’t agree with as oppose to how conservatives react and behave to those with differing ideas and opinions.  Some liberals tend to behave with a heighten emotional stance irrationally leading to violence and intolerance for others with differing ideological views which exposes a level of hypocrisy that is unmatched.

One recent example would be the protesters during last week’s inauguration. While protesting during an inauguration has been a fixture since President Nixon, this year’s crop took the tradition to a revolting new level, destroying property and even doing enough damage to incite felony charges.

Traditionally, the Democratic platform has stood on principles that espouse lighter sentences for criminals and more benefits for the unemployed and or homeless.  All of this at the expense of the hard working and traditionally right-leaning workforce.

So why is it that the conservatives, when met with differing beliefs from their own, generally keep a cooler head, while liberals lash out and often get violent?  Could it be that the Democratic platform is held up by emotional argumentation and driven by irrational fear?  Do they intentionally instill this mindset into their voters?

Freedom of speech and freedom to peacefully demonstrate on behalf of your beliefs are two of the tenets that many of us believe make this country great, but it looks like the justice system is going to have to remind some of our “friends” on the left that their right to swing their fist, ends where another’s nose begins.

Do you think the left is taking it too far with their protests of President Trump?  Let us know in the comments.

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