Anti-Trump Celebrities Just Did The WORST And Most DISRESPECTFUL Thing To The American Flag!

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There are several celebrities facing much criticism after a teaser for a controversial magazine cover photo came out this week.

The faux pas has to do with flag etiquette, or the lack thereof, displayed on the cover shoot that included leftist stars Lena Dunham, Chelsea Handler and filmmaker Michael Moore holding an American flag in front of them.

Celebrities looked defiant holding an American flag on the cover titled, “Now What?” and promises that “Hollywood and the media raise their voices” to defy President Trump. What most Americans took exception to was the way these celebrities carelessly displayed the flag on the cover of the magazine and thereby, garnered criticism on social media.

Many of the angered Twitter users pointed out the violation of U.S. Flag Code in the flag’s obvious contact with the floor in the cover photo, while many of those commenting on the cover shoot took aim at the celebrities themselves.

And some just went straight to the source and berated the publication itself for allowing this disrespect to be on their cover.

They don’t seem to be letting it slow them down, though, posting this tweet later in the day;

Apparently, this particular publication doesn’t mind pitting itself against the most powerful man in the world or disrespecting the flag that generations have bled and died for.

Do you think the outcry was justified? Let us know below.

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