Bill Maher SLAMS President Trump, Then Gets The Most EMBARRASSING NEWS EVER!

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Bill Maher has relentlessly made fun of newly elected President Donald Trump on his cable TV show.  While Maher is known to poke fun at just about anything, porn star Jenna Jameson took exception and decided to tell her twitter fans about it.


Some of Maher’s fans are saying that Jameson has probably only seen him around the mansion and that she wasn’t referring to any specific behavior.

It’s also been pointed out that we should have higher standards for the President, however, Jenna had something to say about that as well.

“Trust in fact, I saw his behavior … he fits right in with us ‘pussy grabbers ’ . . . My point is that he can’t be shocked at Trumps comments many years ago, when he is truly the deplorable one.”

Maher has been winning friends and influencing people all over the map lately. This has just come on the heels of saying to Bill and Hillary Clinton that he ” . . .never want[s] to see either one of you, ever again.”  This is a curious departure from his former pro-Hillary stance prior to last November’s election.

It seems that Bill Maher will say anything to get a laugh, including poking fun at the POTUS and stabbing his own candidate in the back.  Apparently it took a porn star to put this joker in his place.

Do you think these comments by Maher were fair play?  Let us know below.

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