The Media Isn’t Reporting This AMAZING Story From Trump’s Inauguration, Our President Is INCREDIBLE!

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Shane Bouvet, a single father struggling to raise a child alone, somehow found the time to volunteer for the Trump campaign. As one of the early volunteers, President Trump rewarded him with a ticket to the inaugural ball. However, Bouvet was having trouble finding the money to purchase an appropriate suit for such a special occasion. Thankfully one of his friends came through for him and bought him the suit and found someone to donate some shoes as well.

When the story made it’s way to President Trump, he once again showed us what an incredible person he really is. President Trump made sure that Bouvet got exclusive VIP passes to meet the new President in person. When Mr. Trump met Bouvet he said:

“This is the greatest guy.”

During their conversation, Bouvet mentioned that his dad was also a big fan of the President’s. Surprisingly, President Trump then got on the phone and spoke with Bouvet’s dad.

“Hey, Dad,” Bouvet said with the call on speakerphone. “I’m with Donald Trump.”
“Hey, Don, you have a great name,” Trump laughed, “You have a good boy.”

To highlight the entire meeting, President Trump instructed one of his aides to give Bouvet a check for $10,000.

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