YES! Bristol Palin Just Called Out RIDICULOUS Feminist Anti-Trump Protestors, IN THE BEST WAY EVER!

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Bristol Palin took to her blog on Monday to talk about the feminist marches, which she calls “embarrassing” and women “playing the victim.”  In her post, she says that these marches, that took place across the country to protest President Trump, and included millions of women are “setting women back decades.”  She also says that she thinks American men and women are already equal.

Palin starts her post asking a good question: What rights don’t women in this country have?  She points out that women can vote, bear arms, go to school and work and have freedom of speech.  So what is it that women want and can’t have?

Via Daily Mail “If today’s ‘feminists’ only knew what real feminism is, maybe they could relax a little,” she writes in the post, titled 3 Serious Questions For The Feminist Movement (Which Is Setting Us Back Decades). “Maybe be less angry; find a bit of joy in life.

“Feminism was founded by independent, hard working, capable women that were making a way in the world without whining, relying on government or anyone else.”

She also talks about her embarrassment that all American women are being lumped together on this.

Via her blog post, “I’m embarrassed to be a woman in a generation like this. As a middle class working mom – wife – and independent woman – this is completely asinine. I’m telling you, dressing like a giant vagina and holding signs that say things like “Do my periods scare you?” is doing NOTHING to help women, and a LOT to hurt them.”

A lot of women in America do agree with Palin and her assessment of the far left and its assault on women’s dignity.

Not only do they do an injustice to the women who disagree with them by saying that they stand for all women when they obviously don’t, but they even made a point to exclude women who’s opinions differ from their own.

Feminist icons who came before them fought rigorously for women’s rights particularly for the right to vote.  However, these feminazis look more like a bunch of petulant toddlers who throws a fit when they don’t get their way.

Have these women gone too far?  Let us know below.

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