Dan Rather Ends Retirement, Announces MAJOR Project to TAKE DOWN Donald Trump!

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Dan Rather has spent the better part of the last year trying to hurt Donald Trump, with almost daily postings about how Trump is going to “destroy America.”  Now, the veteran CBS news man is taking it to a whole new level.

Rather has announced a new social media page that intends to break through all the “fake news” and will report on what President Trump is doing wrong. The Facebook page is called “News and Guts” and if it’s anything like Dan Rather’s posts this past year, it’s going to be constant liberal whining from a GIANT sore sport.

Rather wrote:

I got into news in the first place to be part of something noble and bigger than myself. For those reasons, I am starting a second Facebook page called News And Guts, a digital news feed of sorts. It’s also the name of my digital news and production company. The goal is to inform, innovate, and inspire. This Facebook page will be under the stewardship of a very talented group of reporters who work at my company. These are men and women who know real news. They’ve reported with me around the globe from dangerous and difficult datelines. I trust them and so should you.

Rather says the audience may find the tone of the new page “a little more free-wheeling” than his own. He also says he wants the page to be a two-way street that encourages the thoughts, articles, and stories page followers want to see covered.

In an era of fake news, false equivalence, and too much fluff, let’s take a stand together to demand better, and bring attention to all those doing great work.

News And Guts already has 620K fans, and is growing FAST!

Here is Rather’s post announcing the new endeavor:

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