Look At What Trump Did As Soon As He Got On AIR FORCE ONE, Liberals Are Going INSANE!

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The media are up in arms today following President Trump’s first flight on Air Force One because he didn’t follow the tradition of turning and waving to the press.

The President was leaving Joint Base Andrews and flying to Philadelphia to address the 2017 GOP retreat when he committed this oversight.  Twenty minutes later when he landed in Philadelphia he gave a thumbs up and a wave as he descended the stairs.

This didn’t keep angry liberals from taking to Twitter to complain about what they are implying is proof that Donald Trump doesn’t deserve to be president.

Thankfully many Americans also took this for what it was; a small misstep in tradition by a man who has spent his life getting things done, not posing for photos.

After less than a week in office, President Trump has signed 8 presidential memorandums and 4 executive orders fulfilling promises that he made to the American people while on the campaign trail.  That’s not even mentioning all the domestic jobs that he saved or all the money that he kept in our economy based on the deals he brokered before he took office.  I think we can forgive him if his mind was on something more important than waving to the cameras.

Hopefully, the media will spend its time in the future reporting issues that really impact people’s lives, and not use valuable resources undermining the new President.

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