The Kid Who Started A Fire Outside The Inaugural Ball IS A CHILD OF A MAJOR CELEBRITY!

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Connor Carey, son of comedian Drew Carey, reportedly bragged to a Fox News reporter that he started a fire outside the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. during an anti-Trump rally.

The 11-year-old reportedly found himself “in hot water” after his parents found the clip circulating on the internet of him telling a Fox News reporter “Screw our President!”  He later said that he “regretted his choice of words” after having a talk with his parents about the event.

Drew Carey was in the vicinity the time the interview took place and even spoke with a TMZ reporter.  Father and son were having dinner in the area and reportedly attended the “protest” at the request of Connor.

“I told him to come find me if anything happens,” Carey told the cameraman.

Carey supported Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate in the 2016 election, even hosting a fundraiser for Johnson at his Los Angeles home.

Via Red Alert Politics “I don’t give a f*ck,” Carey told the outlet. “If your person doesn’t get enough votes, you lose. I don’t want to hear it. There are more than two choices and you are allowed to vote for whoever you want. This is America. If you can’t get the votes to win, tough sh*t.”

Apparently Mr. Carey’s son has yet to absorb his dad’s libertarian sentiment of “live and let live”.

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