Jerry Seinfeld Gets DESTROYED For “Offensive” Black Lives Matters Tweet, WHAT DO YOU THINK?

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Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is under attack for what is being considered an offensive pun about one of the guest’s on his show’s name, and the name of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Seinfeld has not caved to the pressure being put on him to delete the tweet, which is consistent with his widely publicized opinion that the world is full of “politically correct nonsense.”

However, many offended parties took to twitter to vocalize their shock at Seinfeld’s lack of sensitivity.

Some were articulate in their outrage.

Some were more straight forward.

Seinfeld has always resisted the idea of bowing to some arbitrary standard of political correctness that is being blown about by whatever happens to be popular at the time, but  has built his career without stooping to R-rated routines, preferring observational gags over explicit language and sexual puns.

What do you think about political correctness and Seinfeld’s refusal to delete his tweet? Let us know below.


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